Take control of your or small enterprise or personal financial affairs
Budgets, spreadsheets, expenditure trends - made easy

No more stressing about statements

Easily reconcile bank account statements by comparing your bank, mortgage or credit card account statements with the Transaction Summary feature.

Keep track of your spending habits

Use our report manager to analyze where your income is coming from and how your disposable income is being spent.

How sustainable are your finances?

Analyze budgeted and actual expenditure to determine how well you have been meeting your budgeted income and expenditures, keep tabs on current and future cash flow and make future budget projections.

Managing Transactions

Use the Transaction tab to

  • Budget for future expenditure and income.
  • Enter multiple, repeat transactions in one operation using the Repeat Transaction feature.
  • Transfer and reconcile payments between a debit account and the account being credited, either manually or automatically to cater for standing orders and direct debits.
  • See instantly future dates where your debt may reach critical levels.
  • Discover when your cash flow could fall to dangerous levels.

Manage Cash and Transaction Accounts

Create, modify or delete transaction accounts Add multiple categories to each transaction account to further refine your historic and future expenditure and income projections Create multiple cash accounts such as bank accounts, credit and charge accounts, savings accounts, investment income account and mortgage accounts. Maintain cash accounts in your local currency or one or more foreign currencies.

Report Manager

Analyze the proportions of your expenditure and income by account and category to discover how your disposable income is being used and where your income is coming from. Analyze budgeted and actual expenditure to determine how well you have been meeting your budgeted income and expenditure. Determine your ability to meet future obligations by projecting how well your cash flow is able to cover your expected liabilities. Reconcile your bank, credit card, mortgage and other cash account statements with the transactions that you record for these accounts in the Transaction Manager. Produce hard copy Microsoft Excel and Pdf reports and graphical views for presentations.

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