With a system designed specifically for the everyday home user, managing your finanaces has never been easier.

Transaction Manager
  • Reconcile bank account statements by comparing your bank, mortgage or credit card account statements with the Transaction Summary feature
  • Use the Transaction Summary feature to budget for future expenditure and income.
  • Enter multiple, repeat transactions in one operation using the Repeat Transaction feature.
  • Use the Cash Accounts feature to transfer payments between one account and another.
  • See instantly future dates where your debt may reach critical levels.
  • Discover when your cash flow could fall to dangerous levels.
Account Manager

  • Create, modify or delete transaction accounts.
  • Add multiple categories to each account to further refine your historic and future expenditure and income projections.
  • Create multiple cash accounts such as bank accounts, credit and charge accounts, savings accounts, investment income account and mortgage accounts.

Report Manager

  • Analyze the proportions of your expenditure and income by account and category to discover how your disposable income is being used and where your income is coming from.
  • Analyze budgeted and actual expenditure to determine how well you have been meeting your budgeted income and expenditure.
  • Determine your ability to meet future obligations by projecting how well your cash flow is able to cover your expected liabilities.
  • Reconcile your bank, credit card, mortgage and other cash account statements with the transactions that you record for these accounts in the Transaction Manager.