The New Dawn Personal Financial Organizer (PFO) is a free software tool that lets you control your personal finances rather than have your finances take control of you. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interfaces that simplify the tasks you need to perform to budget, plan and manage your finances in a controlled and effective way.

The PFO can save you substantial amounts of money in reduced interest charges, unforseen or unplanned debt, late payment penalties, mortgage foreclosures and unauthorized overdraft charges. It helps you maintain a good credit rating and avoid the stress of mounting, unmanaged and ultimately unmanageable debt. The PFO lets you:

  • Analyze your past income and expenditure. You can see just when and how your income is being earned and spent. This lets you identify categories of expenditure that may be excessive, unnecessary and over budget. You can plan ahead to reduce or eliminate unnecessary expenditure and debt and ensure that your income and expenditure are better balanced. 
  • Predict how your personal finances are going to look in the future by budgeting for future expenditure and income. A budget lets you identify future hotspots that if left unmanaged could result in unforseen debt levels, expensive financial penalties, reduced credit ratings, mortgage repayment problems or even asset repossession. The PFO gives you time to adjust your expenditure to avoid these hotspots.
  • The PFO lets you identify your future credit requirements so that if you do need to approach financial institutions for credit, you can present a well thought out financial plan. Financial institutions are more likely to accommodate your credit needs and charge you substantially less when you seek credit on the basis of a well prepared budget rather than waiting for your personal finances and debt levels to get out of control.

You can link your PFO to multiple cash accounts, such as a bank current account, credit card account, mortgage account, savings account and investment income account and then debit or credit these accounts with transactions such as utility bills, food and provisions, mortgage repayments and income from employment and investments. You can create a budget and analyze historical income and expenditures for each account.

All reports created with the PFO can be viewed on-line or archived and printed as Microsoft Excel documents.